Kyoto (Akira Lens) HipstaPak Comparison

The Akira Lens from the Kyoto HipstaPak is used in my first Hipstamatic Oggl comparison group, which I’ve just posted to Flickr.

Over the coming days / weeks / months I intend on doing the same for the other 39 lenses (!).

And thanks to Oggl, when new paks are released I can update the charts.

Mainly for me, but I thought others might find it useful.

The first photo is the original: taken using the ProCamera app on my iPhone 5s.

Any feedback welcome :)

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Skipping Girl (Vinegar) by manofdarkness, Drewery Place #Melbourne #Graffiti #StreetArt #MakeBeautiful

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I shall call him “Ringo”

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Blue Man Goop

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Die Geburtstagsfeier - ergo - Gott ist tot

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Help us bring the heat!


Bump up the mercury in our next issue of Snap! We’re getting Hotter than July, and we want to see your photos—nothing is too taboo. This sizzling story will be curated by artists Savannah Spirit and Marne Lucas, so submit your photos to by Tuesday, June 12th for a chance to be featured in next month’s mag!

Get some steamy inspiration from Savannah’s shots below!

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Did you buy your Canon PowerShot SX30 IS camera in a store, if so...where? I'm trying to find it in an actual store not online. Thanks.

I got it a year and a bit ago from Ted’s Camera House at Mount Gravatt shopping centre (Brisbane, Australia). Check out the websites that you see it on and find those with physical stores.  

I must say, that while I enjoy shooting with it, I did buy it to see if I wanted to go the full DSLR.  And if I had the money at the time (in retrospect) I would have gone up to the full monty.

Consider exactly what you want out of a camera before you buy it. If you’re happy with the 30x zoom (which is really impressive I must say), then go for it.

At the time it was the latest model, so there may be something newer now.

Happy snapping!


Back at the batcave…

My twins prepare for Supanova. Pic: Stephen Scott (darthambiguous)

I took this shot of my friends adorable twins as we were getting ready for Supanova Gold Coast.

Hipstamatic app: Jimmy Lens, Float Film

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Highfields Moon

I realise I’ll never be featured in Astronomy magazine, but this is my first photo of the moon taken with my own camera!

Canon PowerShot SX30 IS - ISO 80, f/8, 1/400, 4.3-150.5 mm

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